Potential Collisions

HB, H Pencil

Moving Through (confused light)

HB pencil, Acrylic 29.5×54.7 cm

The Pond (Lilly)

HB pencil, Acrylic 85×66.3 cm

Belonging (put in to places, in threes)

HB pencil, Charcoal 55×85.4 cm

Frog Shapes Unnatural Light

Frog Shapes (unnatural light)

HB pencil 82×57.8 cm

Amongst the flowers

Amongst The Flowers

HB, H pencil, Water Colour 57.5×47.5

Other Things (Confused)

Other Things (confused)

HB, H pencil, Chalk, Acrylic 56.5×37.5


HB pencil, Water Colour

Other Than (Drips)

Other Than (drips)

HB pencil, Acrylic 77×58

Other Things

HB pencil, Water colour 56.5×42.5

Protected (threes)

Protected (threes)

HB, H pencil, Acrylic 77×58 cm


HB, H pencil, Acrylic 35.5×54.5

Confused Shadows (unnatural light)

HB, H pencil

All Around (dusk)

HB pencil, Water Colour

Still There

HB, H pencil