Reflections Reflections

HB, H, 2H Pencil 77×58 cm

Amongst The Branches (Tree Shapes) Amongst The Branches (tree shapes)

HB, H Pencil 77×58cm

Pathways (flowing)

HB, H, 2H pencil 77×58 cm

Disappear, Appear, DisappearDisappear, Appear, Disappear

HB,H,2H pencil  77×58 cm

Amongst The Lonely Tortoise (Good Things To Come)Amongst The Lonely Tortoise (good things too come)

H, 2H Pencil 58 × 77 cm

The PondThe Pond

H, 2H, 4H Pencil on paper 77x58cm


H, 2H pencil 77 x 58 cm

In the GrassIn The Grass

HB, H, 2H, 6H, Charcoal 58 x 77 cm